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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tre - field day

Field Day - Tre

From a most unforgettable experience in school as when it was Field Day last year. It was so much fun that anyone would be partners.

There are races, and hot potato when he says and there is a balloon toss is really five that you throw back and back and forth to a partner.

There is a petting place where you can pat someone's pet. There will also be a tug-of-war. Mostly any class I may lose is the type of work.

I'm mostly good at bowling. I get a spare, or a strike in a row. We see we can walk by holding a string attached to camps that we step on.

The only two player activity game is the three legged race. The teacher ties one of your legs and you both have to stop at the same pace and don't fall.

When we are about to end field day my teacher and another teacher in me were having a water balloon fight. My teacher hit me with the balloon, but the other teacher didn't get hit. But when the tug-of-war competition was about to begin the principal told me to throw water balloons at Mr. Thompson our sub.

23 - puppies

Wild Puppies - Andrace
Some puppies that might be a little wild. Puppiesthey don't howl might not be wild. For example chocolate puppies live in the wild part in Africa. Wild puppies learn to howl when they're very young like two or three years. Howling is really good for wild puppies. They talk from far, far away.

More wild puppies are the Arctic fox, red fox, jackal, Gray Fox, red Wolf, Gray Wolf and Jacal. If you go to the zoo stay back. Be careful. Now the coyote pups fall asleep in a den. AI den is a hole in the ground. How many pups can fit in it den? It depends on the size of the den.

I hope you enjoyed learning about wild puppies.

30 - Note from Ms. Luria

I wanted to let people know that I am experimenting with different ways of putting student stories on the blog. Some of the stories were scanned using a handwriting recognition program. I am also trying out the dragon naturally speaking software to see if that is a faster way of getting student stories onto the blog.

Please assume that most errors are from the scanning process or the dictation process, not from the student.

I hope everyone is doing well!

28 - The Beach

Dictated, not typed

The most unforgettable time I remember is the first time I went to the beach. I went to the beach when I was nine years old in the summer on a hot sunny day.

One hot Friday it was in March. It was also spring break. My dad, grandma, grandpa, uncle Miguel, and I went to the beach. The beach was called Seaside Coast. We drove in a truck. The drive was about six or seven hours. When we got there, it was already sunset.

My grandma and I went to the office to get a room. My grandma got a room with three beds. Grandma and grandpa slept in the bed. My uncle Miguel slept in the other. Then my dad and I slept in the third bed. We settled in the room. And in the room there was a microwave, coffee pot, to use, and refrigerator. Then we went to Safeway to get some food for dinner.

When we came back we had Chinese food, cookies, and ice cream for dinner. After dinner we got washed up to go to bed. When everyone was sleep I stayed up and walked to the window to see the beach. The waves looked beautiful at night because the headlight out there if anyone was out there. Then I decided to watch TV for two hours until midnight. Then I went to sleep.

The next morning we went out to the beach. I made a sand castle and I got to walk in the water and collect sea shells. I saw purple shawl that I liked, but there was already a snail living there. My dad took the shuttle and boiled the snail out. Then a few hours later we went back home.

Eric - My worst experience

Dictated, not typed

The most unforgettable experience I had was in first grade. My teacher was the meanest teacher of all time. She gave me 21 referrals and I got expelled 24 times. She was especially hard on Abdul. Abdul got 30 referrals and 100 think sheets. Le got 8 referrals and 43 white slips.

She never let us have things that rot our teeth like chocolate milk. She always called me stupid and always made me call home. She was always nice to this kid named Max. He was the smartest kid in the class, and everybody hated him because he was the only one that got a compliment every day.

At the last day of school she expelled me because someone had a food fight and she blamed me. I was grounded for a week, and two months passed. Then a second grade. So my new teacher and it was Mrs. N. I was really happy! The starting of the year went great. Except in November me and my two friends missed the bus and walked home. We got in trouble for not informing a teacher that we messed it. I had to miss two months of recess. I was also banned from the Xbox early, but my dad put it for a day. There were two talent shows that year and I was in both. For the rest of the year everything went smooth and easy. Lastly I now regret going to first grade and I'm not happy about it.

Cynthia - My Worst Experience

Note - Dictated, not typed

My unforgettable experience of school is when I got a white slip. I got a white slip for not listening to the teacher and for talking. I got three white slips. In five years I've not gotten a white slip until this year. This year I have changed. The past five years I used to be really shy. And this year I have been much less shy. Mostly I've been talking to my friends, when I'm not supposed to talk to them. That is one of the reasons why I got a white slip.

The other reason why I got a white slip, was when I wasn't paying attention to the teacher. When Ms. Luria was giving instructions, I wasn't paying attention. When she was done getting the instructions I didn't know what to do. Ms. Luria Knows when you're not paying attention. When she knows that you're not paying attention and she stares at you. Then she calls on you and ask you what she just said. While she asked me back, and I got a warning, so I got my name on the board. Later that same day I started talking with my friends when I wasn't supposed to, and the other white slip.

Le - Penguins

Scanned, not typed

Penguins are fascinating animals. This story is mostly about a tragedy that happened to Penguins in march soon. Penguins are really nice animals to me and they are good swimmers They would be even more fascinating to me if they could fly but they can't . In fact, one of my favorite movies is about a penguin which is called happy feet. Now, it time for a sad tragedy that happened in March 2000. Did you realize that - a huge, iceberg that was about twice the size of Delaware broke off.

The penguins weren't able to access theirs feeding ground because of the ice that blocked it. In 2001 of July, there was an island that about - twelve hundred male penguins were taking care of - their eggs, another large iceberg broke off and crashed the, island. That crash caused the female penguins to not be able to come to their nesting area.

When winter ends every year, around 400,000 emperor penguins travel about 2-70 miles across - the ice to the breeding area. It seems - to
The waddle when they walk they still walk faster then us, penguins mostly are dressed black and white. They can hold their breath for 20 minutes while we can hold ours for 10 seconds.

They use stones and put them in then crop which helps them float on water, they are not afraid of humans but. Are endangered by oil spills and water pollution. They have their own computer game called club penguin. She penguin skipper, kowalski, private, and. Rico are penguins in Penguins
of Madagascar.

This is why penguins are fascinating animals to me and I hope join think their fascinating also !

4 - Lincoln

Scanned not typed

One of our very important founding fathers was a man who was the 16th president of the United States of America. His name is Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Kentucky.

He was named after his grandfather who was killed by Indians. He had an older sister named Sarah. When Lincoln was two years old he moved to a different area called knob creek. Knob creek is still located in Kentucky, so the trip didn't take too long. Lincoln mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, gave birth to another son named Thomas, like his father’s name, but only lived for a few days. He then died. Five years later Lincoln moved to Indiana. It was only four years later when I Abraham's mother died and only a year later when his father remarried to; a woman named
Sarah Bush Johnston.

When he was twenty one he moved Illinois. There he decided that he was old enough to earn his own money, so he worked in a
The things that happened to him were now going to move onto why he's in our history. Books. Abraham Lincoln ran for president in the year of 1860. And he had won! He had become the 16th president! But, on April 12, 1861 the civil war had begun. Now I don't know if you've noticed this, but the civil war started exactly one month after Lincoln's birthday. Abraham was saddened by how Americans were fighting against

He wanted to save the whole United States.

On April 14th the people from the south surrendered. The next day, Abe proclaimed to have 75,000 military volunteers. But, soon one nation was split into two and the people that weren't on Abraham's side were full of anger and fury. Virginia seceded meaning they separated and made their own capital. The same thing happened to Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee

Two months later. Now if you look oil it map you see that Washington borders Virginia, so Washington wasn't to far away. It is also bordered by the, slavery state Maryland. On July 21st the civil war continued. The war took place at a creek in you guessed it Virginia. In that war over 600 men died.
On August 1st of the same year Lincoln signed a paper - that said that all slaves used for military purposes would; be freed from slavery. Abraham did many other things for his country.

Now you're probably thinking I already know how he died, but you may not know all the details. So I lets skip ahead shall we, Lincoln went to Fords theater to see a play called “Our American Cousin." He sat in a rocking chair that was especially made for him.

John Wilkes Booth was about to do something that would brighten everyone. He had been planning this for a long time. Did you know that John Wilkes Booth sometimes acted out there, so he was easily allowed to make his way to where he was sitting?

The police guard that was supposed to be there had left. He slowly and quietly made his way to where Lincoln was sitting and ““boom" he was shot.
Booth jumped down from the balcony where Lincoln was sitting and broke his leg, but still managed to escape. On April 15th 1865 at 7:22 am, just three days after his birthday Abraham took his last breath. They made a room in the White House just for people to come and pay their respects for everything he had done. Lincoln 1809 to 1865 was a very great man.

13 - Cobras

Scanned Not Typed

Cobras are found in the Philippines, southern Asia, and Africa. The king cobra holds the record length of 24 ft. The king cobra is unique among snakes in that it makes a nest for its egg, scraping up leaves and other debris in which to deposit them, and remain in the next until the young hatch.

This snake causes thousands of deaths each year in India where it is regarded with religious awe and is seldom killed. This snake can spray its venom from a distance of about 7 ft accurately. Some of the cobras colors are gray, dark gray, brown and black.

A common name for a venomous snake of the cobra family. Also called the Egyptian cobra, it is found throughout Africa. A cobra can open its mouth to catch a rat.

Most Cobras are carnivorous and they eat each other, birds, fish, frogs, lizards and such small animals as rabbit and rats. Most of them swallow there prays alive. However some kill there pray and then eat it.

They're two hundred seventy different kinds of Cobras. King Cobras lay 20-70 eggs in a nest, which is faithfully, guarded by female her mate.
, Cobras can hear although they sense sound throughout contact with the ground much better than humans.

Cobras don't always inject venom when they bite some things.

They can do a dry bite if they want to. The male king cobra stays with the male king cobra stays with the female and her eggs, and takes turns guarding and hunting. The cobra can stand 6 to 3 ft height.

The cobra can gee a human moving three hundred and thirty feet away.

25 - Frogs

Scanned, not typed

Some frogs are coming up. Kind of weird. They start popping up with too .many lets, or have no lets or their legs are growing in weird places. Like in their stomachs! Many people have seen them around the world.

Frogs are amphibians; they live on land and in water. All amphibians depend on the outside environment for body heat, they are exothermic.

That's why we might see a frog sunbathing on a lily pad.

All frogs are. Four- legged tailless creatures with smooth or warty skin that usually is moist.

They never have claws on their toes. Many but different types of frogs deposit jelly like clusters of eggs in water. The eggs hatch into tadpoles. There are lots of different frogs about 3,700 species, and frogs live almost every where in the whole.

Program There are many different types of frogs like the South American horned frog, the Red eyed tree frog, the painted reed frog, the water holding frog. I could name them all day but, there are too many. Scientist uses a universal system to keep track of frogs and millions of other things on earth. The system is called taxonomy. It's really a way of grouping or classifying things. We use - classification systems everyday. For instance we know there's a difference between a rattlesnake and a zucchini. And we know that a chicken has something in common with an eagle. That's basic taxonomy.

In, conclusion, that's how frogs survived the extinction of dinosaurs, how frogs are vanishing from earth, how frog's are coming up weird. There are many types of frogs.

So is and frogs are Being watched h a I a thing "s called taxonomy. I hope I learn even more about frogs.